What’s your experience with hp stuff?

Sometimes big brands fool us with their big names.

In 2004 when I wanted to buy a PC, went to one of Sam’s club branches and bought an HP Pavilion a546c PC which was bundled with an expensive 17″ LCD monitor (f1703). At that time a similar PC without the monitor was costing about $500 less. But in less than two years, with just a regular few hours usage per day, the monitor started to blackout after a short time after it was turned on. Initially with an Off/On cycle monitor could be used for a while, and finally it was going black just after few minutes, and Off/On cycle too was not effective.

With a search on the internet at the time, I saw that this was a common problem and it was actually a design and manufacturing problem causing excessive heat inside the monitor and melting some soldered connections. I took it twice for repair to a friend, and in second time he even added a fan inside the monitor to keep it cool. But this last solution too did not work, and I had to put the monitor aside. However today I found a good page with many suggestions to trouble shoot the blackout problems in this monitor.

But hp problems are not limited to this problem. Pavilion PC itself was not a big deal. It suffered continuously from excess CPU heat, problems in DVD writer and failures in both reading and writing DVDs and CDs even after cleaning and dusting the drive. Also once I have seen hp digital cameras that were just a piece of junk, becoming useless just after taking a few hundred photos.

What’s your own experience with hp stuff?


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Mr. Dadkhah received his PhD in chemical engineering from Texas A&M University in 2003, and MS degree in chemical engineering from Kuwait University in 1990. His scientific interests are on environmental protection and pollution prevention methods. Additionally he is interested in strategic and political analysis of the Middle East affairs.
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