Coalition to fight terrorist ISIS organization!

Two days ago there was a conference in Jeddah with participants from many countries to form a coalition for fighting the ISIS terrorist organization or as they call it in Arabic DAESH.
But the funniest point of that conference is that same governments who have been creators and supporters of ISIS, many of which are still supporting these merciless killers where the main participants of the conference. This should be really called hypocrisy unlimited.
And yet other parts of this hypocrisy is arming other terrorists like Al-Nosrah, Islamic Front (Al-Jebheh al–Islamieh), Ahrar-ol-Sham etc. to fight another terrorist organization the so called ISIS. The fact is that these organization all are feeding and are created from same ill stray ideology of Wahabism which has nothing to do with real Islam.
Wahabies (the official ideology of Saudi Government) and some other Arab Royal rulers at the southern part of Persian Gulf is based on ill interpreted Islamic laws by Ibn Timieh who was later discovered by orientalists of British Empire and by them fed to Mohamed Ibn Abdolwahab who later united with Ibn Sauod in Arabia. These two formed an Army and what they did to Muslim population of Arabia (Najd and Hejaz) resembles exactly what is ISIS is doing with any group of people in their controlled areas who are not fully submissive to them.
So with this short background it is clear that only way to fight ISIS and other terrorists who kill in the name of Islam is to root out the ill ideology behind such groups which means showing to all Muslims as well as Non-Muslims that Salafi and Wahabi ideology has nothing to do with Islam. They are just a bunch of misguided or bloodthirsty groups who are just toys in hand of warmongers and regional and global arrogants who want to change the borders of Islamic countries according to their interests.

About A. A. Dadkhah

Mr. Dadkhah received his PhD in chemical engineering from Texas A&M University in 2003, and MS degree in chemical engineering from Kuwait University in 1990. His scientific interests are on environmental protection and pollution prevention methods. Additionally he is interested in strategic and political analysis of the Middle East affairs.
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